About ThermEco

ThermEco Construction is your ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) is in the Central region of Ontario, serving Barrie, Newmarket, Muskoka, Toronto and GTA regions. ThermEco will build your foundation, walls and will take on any project from a garage or boathouse to a multi story commercial complex. Our residential portfolio includes Downtown Toronto in-fills ranging up to super energy efficient waterfront cottages.

Why ICF?

A new homeowner will shop for the best mortgage interest rate before buying a house. With the same eye to monthly costs, every new home buyer should consider the ICF monthly savings. ICF literally puts money in your bank account, giving you a better product with additional bonuses on top of that.

ICF a green solution to your house living in the Central Ontario region. It provides a superior barrier to your home keeping out Canada's harsh climate. Over the course of the year this will reduce heating and cooling costs saving you money.