Why ICF?

A new homeowner will shop for the best mortgage interest rate before buying a house. With the same eye to monthly costs, every new home buyer should consider the ICF monthly savings. ICF literally puts money in your bank account, gives you a better product with additional bonuses on top of that.

  • Thermally insulating and greatly reduced thermal bridging.
  • Thermal mass reduces daily temperature swings.
  • Structural strength is up to 10 times that of a traditional frame built building.
  • ICF Walls have a much larger sound absorption rating than traditional insulated wood frame construction.
  • Indoor air quality is improved due to the lack of a moisture barrier that can lead to mold issues.
  • Vermin have nowhere to hide. There are no voids in the walls.


Re-enforced concrete accurately installed footings, regardless of site challenges. We have experience in Canadian shield as well as conventional soil installations.

ICF foundation walls can add an R factor that can substantially reduce heat loss in the basement.

Exterior Walls
ICF can continue from the foundation right up to the roof line to offer a complete advanced insulation package.

Interior Framing
We can as part of a comprehensive package offer interior framing.

Structural Floor
As part of the comprehensive package, we can offer interior structural floor.

Additional Services

  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete landscape features


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